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For the love of a juicy steak

For the love of a juicy steak

Chef David is also preparing chicken sosaties in a Tandoori marinade.

We scouted around a bit in search for some recipes for Braai Day. At Billy G’s at The Ridge we met up with Chef David Loate over lunch and he shared some marinade-secrets with us.

“Make the most of sealable plastic bags and use them to marinade your meat to minimize cleanup and provide easy opportunities to swish the ingredients around the food item so it gets an even coating on all sides,” Chef David said.

Keep your seasonings simple. There are plenty of steak seasonings out there. Experts say that nothing is better than good old salt and pepper.

Rub your steak with a thin coating of oil and then coat it generously with an even mixture of kosher salt and coarsely ground black pepper.

Learn the basics of marinades. Steak doesn’t usually require a marinade, unless it’s a tougher cut like skirt steak or flank steak. There are plenty of different marinades on the market.

But feel free to experiment and create you own to suit your tastes. But just remember, there are three basic building blocks to every marinade: lemon juice tenderizes meat, olive oil adds moisture and texture and salt, pepper, paprika, onion and rosemary means flavour.

On Monday Billy G’s will be open for lunch on Monday.

The menu will be traditional, partly braai menu.

Chef David invites everyone to come and try their roast gammon with honey glaze. They are also preparing chicken sosaties in a Tandoori marinade.

Chef David let one secret slip, “Our chicken sosatie marinade is made from yoghurt, masala, turmeric and paprika.”


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