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If you have a garden you have everything you need

If you have a garden you have everything you need

Get the roses ready…for next month’s big show

We’re planting …spring flowering Cape daisies. There are so many colours, gardeners are spoilt for choice, but we couldn’t resist Serenity ‘Blushing Beauty’.

As a garden performer this Cape daisy (aka Osteospermum) it is anything but shy; its eye-catching blooms smother the neat, compact plants which thrive in the garden as well as in containers. Plant in full sun in well composted soil and water regularly.

Once plants are established, they need less water. It pairs beautifully with Serenity ‘Blue Eyed Beauty’.

Best for indoors … Ranunculus ‘Sprinkles’ is a pot ranunculus is that is fuller sturdier and half the height of garden ranunculus. The flowers are large, brightly coloured; real show-stoppers. Plants flourish in a cool room indoors, at the front door, or on the patio.

They flower best if exposed to sun or bright indoor light. Water pots every third day, remove dead blooms and fertilise with a liquid feed to extend the flowering period.

There’s a month to go before the roses burst into bloom. To get the best out of them, Ludwig’s advice is to water deeply twice a week, fertilise with Vigorosa in mid-September, and spray with organic Ludwig’s Insect Spray to keep pests away.

To extend the flowering period of hybrid tea roses, pinch off 30% of new shoots. This strengthens the roots, encourages new leaves and the pinched-off shoots will flower later, which lengthens the flowering period.

Visit www.ludwigsroses.co.za for more information.

Garden tasks for spring

Spring has arrived, the garden is coming alive. Here are five garden tasks to help the garden on its way.

• Boost spring flowering annuals with a liquid fertiliser like Margaret Roberts Organic Supercharger and summer perennials with Vigorosa.

• Water deeply once a week or twice if day temperatures start to rise) and mulch beds to keep them moist.

• In warm, frost free areas, summer annuals like asters, marigolds, zinnias, bedding dahlias, nasturtium, phlox, portulaca, Shirley poppy, lavatera, cosmos, cornflower, and cleome.
• There is still time to divide and replant clumps of perennials, prune hydrangeas and a trim groundcovers.

• Water lawns once a week or every second week, fertilise with 5:1:5 if you didn’t do so in August and start mow regularly. To encourage the lawn to establish deep roots, which makes it more drought tolerant, set the blades high so that the grass blades are a little longer than usual.


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