The showbiz dreams of Sandile

The showbiz dreams of Sandile

His parents have faith in him. With their support this local guy is making a big entrance on to the acting scene in South Africa. He loves being on set to experience how everything comes together. Without actors there won’t be a movie, without cameramen the movie won’t be filmed… the list goes on. Sandile has his foot in the door – totally on his way in.

Actor Sandile Mahlangu dishin on his career, family, personal life and his showbiz plans.

“I remember being on the Gautrain heading home from my first commercial shoot. I looked through the window and realized that I have a fulfilled life, I wanted to pursue acting and I loved the feeling I get from doing it”.

Sandile Mahlangu recalls the day he discovered that he wanted to chase his dream of being a full-time performer. The 24-year-old is not only an actor he is also a model, dancer and an electrical engineering graduate. He completed his studies at the Tshwane University of Technology in 2017.

Sandile started acting as an extramural activity at Steelcrest High School. He has participated in English Comic, a dramatic monologue, at the annual National Eis-teddfod.

“My parents have always shown faith in me. When I told them that I would like to do full-time acting, they supported me even when it seemed like I was not going to make it in the industry. They trusted my decision”.

The passionate actor has a great body workout, since entering the entertainment industry. He has been featured in four shows, Ses’Top La, Rhythm City, Single Guys and his recent role in Isithembiso.

He has also finished shooting in a feature film, Shaft 6, which is expected to be released in 2019. The dynamic actor has also been in popular commercials like KFC Ka-Ching, Debonairs Pizza, to name a few.

He says his favourite thing about being on set is seeing creative individuals focus on their artwork.

“Being on set is like a giant puzzle coming together. It is mind-blowing how actors, camera operators, and the sound department all work in harmony to create art”.

Sandile reminisces about the day he was shooting a scene in Isithembiso.

“My character Cheezboi was stealing a student’s card, the script said something like: ‘I was blinded by your beauty’ but I said ‘I was blinded by your booty’, `I froze and said ‘What’ to myself, everyone on set laughed their socks off ”, Sandile says as he could not contain his laughter.

He aspires to work in the film industry internationally, he wants to be featured in Hollywood movies and series. Sandile describes himself as a spiritual being.

“I believe that the miracles I have experienced in my life are from a Divine intervention, as humans we must take care of our body, mind and spirit ”.

When he is not on set Sandile enjoys reading books, his favourite author is world-renowned Brazillian writer Paulo Coelho.

“Reading helps to empower one’s mind. It makes you realise that we all have some kind of genius intellect. We just need to find where it is, whether it be in engineering, journalism, acting or writing. They do not teach us this in school but you can learn through books”.


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