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Jabulile follows her own dreams

Jabulile follows her own dreams

Jabulile Mkhwanazi smoulders in front of the camera lens. This 30 year old woman can easily pursue a career as a model. Instead she loves working behind the lens making women beautiful.

Get It visited this dynamic businesswoman to find out what makes her so successful in the beauty industry.

From the moment we sat down for a cup of coffee, Jabulile’s eyes scanned every woman’s face looking for flaws that she can fix.

“I love making women pretty. There are so many undiscovered gems that do not know how to apply makeup to hide certain imperfections and in the same stroke highlight your best feature,” she said.

Jabulile took beauty to the next level and started her mobile beauty spa three years ago.

“Time is very valuable today, every minute counts. A woman doing an eight to five job today do not necessarily get time to go to a salon for a bit of me-time. That is where I come in. I take the beauty salon to the client.”

Be it a pedicure, facial, manicure, brow tint or massage, Jabulile can render the service.

One can only but imagine what hours this beautician works. This wife and mom of two, daughter Olwethu (10) and son Hlelo (5) knows how to juggle business and family time.

“It is all about planning and balance. When I am at work I throw myself 100% into what I do. When I am at home, I am mom and wife. I do not take work home with me, because that is time I treasure.”

Jabulile said her dad wanted her to follow a career in law.

“I started my LLB-degree. It is my dream to one day finish it and make my dad proud. For now I am content making women pretty.”

When it came to choosing a name for her business Jabulile decided on the name Mellow Beauty Spa.

“There are so many words I can connect ‘Mellow’ to calmness, sweetness, serenity and most important peace.”

Jabulile creates jobs and opportunity for others in the beauty field.

“I know jobs are limited, but if you have hands, eyes and a will you can do anything. That is why I teach what I know to those who want to learn.”

She learnt from the best businesswomen in the industry and looks up to entrepreneur and business owner, Nomsa Mazibuko.

“To have someone like Nomsa setting the standards takes you to a whole new level in business.”

“When did you decide to create your own destiny and mould your own future?” is a question Jabulile answered with the most beautiful radiant smile, “That was the day I started following my dreams, I started following me…”


Get it Middelburg – October 2018

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