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Couples who eat together stay together, and where better to begin a happy future than on your wedding day!

Cabbage & Rose Chef Annette Smit dished all the delicates to Get It on what couples, planning to tie the knot, can expect in regards to quality catering.

Firstly, she says, quality and not quantity should dictate a couple’s menu planning alongside the Chef and the wedding planner.
These days wedding venues offer an one stop service with food, bar facilities, crockery, cutlery and even flowers.
Annette says that Gin bars are becoming increasingly popular at weddings, winter or summer.

Drinks are often served directly after the wedding with canapés, a type of hors d’œuvre, a small, prepared and usually decorative food.
Canapés are usually followed by the main meal comprising a bread table with spreads and Pâtés, a harvest table of two types of meat, two vegetables, a starch and salads.

Dessert is served last and assortments can differ from warm puddings to an assortment table with a variety of bite-sized tidbits.
Family style soirée’s in which bowls of food are sent to the tables from which guests dish up for themselves are also very popular.
Though the family style choice may cost a bit more, guests get to eat more heartily with more food available per serving.
Annette says most professional Chefs would steer clear of finger dining setups due to a lower profit margin, for the exorbitant amount of work that goes into preparation.

For quality catering prices nowadays fluctuate around R375 per head.

“When one considers the fact that Cabbage & Rose situated a stones’ throw outside town has been rated the number one wedding venue in South Africa, a starting price of R375 per head is actually a steal for the bragging rights couples will have after the wedding,” Annette motivates.

Additional fees are charged for table setting, decor, crockery and cutlery apart from the menu and food Annette warns.
There are also other factors that have to be taken into consideration when deciding on a menu like Veganism, Kosher and Halaal service or catering for diabetics.

“As a Chef, one must be able to adapt and thus we’ve changed the traditional Beef Wellington to a Beet Wellington for Vegans,” Annette says.

The says couples should avoid wedding venues where multiple weddings are booked over a weekend

“because for these venues it’s about quantity over quality, a compromise you don’t want to make on your wedding day”.

The soundest advice Annette can give couples who marry and celebrate their vows with family and friends is to have a sit down with a Chef and discuss exactly what they want.

For more information on what Cabbage & Rose can offer couples looking to marry, contact Michelle Erichsen on 082 314 4570.


Get it Middelburg/Witbank November 2018

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