Percy has art pumping through his veins

Percy has art pumping through his veins

When you are a true artist, you will find a way to express yourself, no matter what the circumstances.

This is clear as daylight when talking to Percy Maimela.
Percy, originally from Pretoria, moved to Middelburg to learn from another remarkable creator, local tattoo artist Minette Lourens at Bunnycorpse Tattoos.
The creative duo met when Minette spotted Percy whilst he was exhibiting his work in the Middelburg Mall. She approached him with a proposition to create art pieces for their tattoo parlour. Percy grabbed the opportunity to master another artistic skill with both hands. Not only is he learning to create tattoo artwork, but also to apply a tattoo from someone as capable as Minette.
He moved to Middelburg in January. Percy has been creating art since his primary school days. He did not have the opportunity to get a tertiary education and was forced to find a job. He ended up in retail. Even doing something he absolutely loathed, Percy found a way to express himself by creating portraits on the floor in the storeroom out of salt from damaged packages.
Whilst he was working, Percy continued to travel to various shopping centres to promote his art when he had the time and the means. In 2013 he decided to quit his job and try and generate an income from his art alone.
“It was not an easy decision. It was nerve wrecking, because you are never sure of how much pieces you are going to sell,” Percy said.
Other than selling art pieces and doing work on commission, Percy’s salt art makes him a popular attraction at functions and events.
Bunnycorpse, in West Street, is a creative hub where Minette and her partner Ash Lourens do stunning body art in the form of tattoos and piercings. They have expanded their business to include all things vape to supply vaping enthusiasts with whatever they might need.
The bond between Minette and Percy is evident as they get ready to pose for a photo. One cannot help but be excited when you think about what will be created whilst these two are putting their heads and passion together.
Have a look at Percy’s work on his Facebook page called “Percy Maimela artist”, call him on 081 576 1891 or visit him at Bunnycorpse Tattoos, 30 West Street, Middelburg.

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