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This one the kids can make

This one the kids can make

Mom and dad you deserve a break! Take off that apron and let your little ones give cooking a go.

The Ridge’s new executive chef, Ross Birkin shared one of his favourite recipes with Get It.
“This is one of my most favourite comfort foods I made for my parents when I was younger,” he said with a naughty chuckle.

Oven Baked Beans and Cheddar cheese toasties

1 tin of Koo’s baked beans
Alternative for beans – use sliced sandwich ham, bully beef or Vienna’s
Four slices of bread
200g Cheddar cheese
Mrs Ball’s chutney

Pre heat the oven to the grill setting
Open tin of Koo beans – set aside
Put the slices of bread into a toaster and toast the bread half, set the bread aside.
Grate the cheddar cheese, on an oven tray place the slices of bread, then spread the beans using a fork, so that they just cover the slices, do not add to much beans as they will over flow the toast and melt of the sides in the oven.
When all the toast slices have been covered with beans add your grated cheddar on each slice of toast – do not over fill the slices.
After filling all your slices of toast, put the tray in the oven, leave for five minutes, until cheddar cheese has completely melted and has turned to golden brown.
Once toasties are ready, cut each slice into four pieces, and serve with Mrs Balls Mild chutney or any preferred sauce.

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