Swear!ng is Go*d F*r You

Swear!ng is Go*d F*r You

Swearing is usually a bad thing to do, right? Wrong! According to Emma Byrne, swearing has (among other things) been shown to reduce physical pain and to help stroke victims recover their language. So now you know why it helps to yell @??**@##* when you stub your toe! Her book, Swear!ng is Go*d F*r You is a spirited, hilarious defence of our most cherished bad language backed by cutting-edge research and historical case studies. Did you know that some form of swearing has existed since the earliest humans began to communicate … and for that matter, that chimpanzees create their own curse words?  Swearing, in fact, has a huge breadth of connections in our everyday lives – in helping group bonding, in stress management and in reducing violence, for example. Profile Books, R305.


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