Family hood of the travelling 1928 Chevrolet Touring

Family hood of the travelling 1928 Chevrolet Touring

Willem Lübbe, who resides in eMalahleni is the proud owner of a 1928 Chevrolet National Series AB Touring and he was willing to share his story about this vehicle, even though it’s not the oldest car in eMalahleni it still has a story to tell.

Chevrolet, a well known name dating back to 1904 when the first Chevrolet was designed and manufactured by Louis Chevrolet in America, made in-roads into South African motoring history; a culture which in the United States is recognised today as almost similar to that of Harley Davidson.
In the seventies, the South African manufacturers of Chevrolet, General Motors South Africa, created a slogan; ‘Braaivleis, rugby, Sunny Skies and Chevrolet’.
The 1928 Chevrolet was the last of the model years which were equipped with a four cylinder motor. From 1929 Chevrolet produced a six cylinder motor and from 1955, the well known V-8 motors.
The proud history of this specific 1928 Chevrolet ‘Tourer’ started in Port Elizabeth where it was manufactured in 1928. Thereafter, it was transported by train to Kimberley, where it was sold (new) to its owner, Joachim J Petrus Lübbe, a farmer in the Jacobsdal district, through the dealer in Kimberley, Pot-gieter Motors.
The first owner, who was a cousin of the current owner’s grandfather, was the owner of the Chevrolet for 10 years and then he sold it to a travelling vehicle trader, Abram Olthoff, an uncle of the motorsport enthusiast Bobby Olthoff.
From then on this Chevrolet had different owners and these were the registration number plates of the previous owners; CA 179 077, MVB 670T and NKR 8228.
The current owner of the vehicle, Willem spent years doing research and searching for this Chevy.
Willem then went into the history of the vehicle until he traced the vehicle to the previous owner and the restored Chevy was bought back in June 2000.
Since Willem bought the vehicle it was parked at Köhler Auto in the showroom as an attraction piece for Köhler Auto’s clients.
In 2013 Willem’s daughter used the car as her wedding car when she got married in Greyton in the Western Cape.
A couple of years later, in 2016, Willem’s house friend’s daughter wanted to use the Chevy as her wedding car as well.
On the day of the wedding the vehicle was washed and made spotless ready to go, then something terrible happened.
Something went wrong with the petrol pump which caused a petrol leak and a fire started in the engine compartment.
The Chevy was badly damaged and since then it has been in Pretoria undergoing a full restoration.
Willem’s Chevy is not the oldest car in eMalahleni. In 2001 he bought a 1926 Chevrolet Touring from a collector in Pretoria and in 2006 he sold this vehicle to Brian Grobler.
Brian who also resides in eMalahleni is the proud owner of the vehicle and a keen car collector.
At this stage Willem’s Chevy after it has gone through its full restoration will probably out live its current owner.


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