Exposing the silent killer

Exposing the silent killer

“I remember hearing a vague soft voice calling for help, some days it was clearer than others. I tried to ignore it to see if it would go away, but the more I ignored, it the louder it became. The day I wanted to end my life, I realised the voice was me calling for help from deep inside my own heart.”

How many of us have felt that way, silently begging for help, voiceless pleading to be heard?
Author of the book ‘When God meets depression’ Pastor Michelle Schoultz shared her experience and her book with Get It and from the word go she says, “Depression shouldn’t be a secret.”
Michelle wrote the book out of experience with the faceless monster. This book is her testimony of how she did not only overcome a lifetime of depression but how she continues to walk in victory over it.
“I was a sufferer of chronic depression and Bipolar disorder from a very young age, so I am sharing from an empathetic perspective. Depression is a very taboo subject so to ensure this sickness is not downplayed.”
“I’d been desperate for help for so many years, but never had the courage to speak out. I didn’t even understand my own feelings, let alone still know how to express it to someone else without sounding crazy. One day I was fine and in good spirits and the next I would find myself so down I never even wanted to get out of bed. This continued for the most part of my childhood and young adult life, believing the lie that there was something very wrong with me and there was no longer any hope, I wanted to commit suicide.”
Michelle said depression has no barriers. It does not matter how old you are, what sex you are, what race or even what religion you practice.
“Depending on the grade of depression one suffers, it can have an equally negative affect on one’s work, social life and over all day to day life. The question is how something so serious became such a trivial subject. Depression has never really been taken seriously enough to be taken as a life threatening illness. Largely because people who suffer from it seldom seek help. They tend to want to sort it out in their own strength and this is not advisable.”
Michelle said that one should never take the threat of suicide lightly.
“Be willing to listen. Don’t be afraid to discuss these things with the person showing these signs; avoiding ignorance can save a life. Encourage the person to seek counsel, and make it a priority to help them do it. I myself do biblical counselling to help people overcome and walk in victory over this disease. There are various organisations that can be contacted with regards to this disease, such as SADAG, and can be found on the internet.”
Depression is a preventable tragedy and with appropriate help, treatment and support, lives can be saved. Through raising awareness of the magnitude and scope of the problem, increasing support and providing free counselling to those who need help, a considerable decline in suicide cases can be seen.
Awareness needs to be created regarding the symptoms, in order for people to identify it not only in themselves but also in those around them.
“God intervened and saved me, not only for my own sake but so that out of this I could help many others prevent the same tragedy.”
Michelle said she is not a medical doctor and does not seek to challenge them on any level. She merely requests that depression sufferers could also seek to view it from a spiritual perspective as well as an optional cure.
If you would like to obtain more information regarding this illness, please feel free to email Michelle on: or visit her website on


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